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Linda Schwarz is a printmaker’s printmaker.  Few contemporary artists employ such a technical, elaborate and dynamic method for making each edition of her prints.  Schwarz has tried everything from woodcut to Xerox transfers to chine colle when completing a series of prints, all with renowned success.  In addition to using these sophisticated techniques, Schwarz often uses handmade paper or makes hand painted additions to her finished works in ink, tempera or varnish.

The artist’s subject matter generally derives from German history; she will start with a document of some significance and make various changes to it, creating obvious emphasis and adding outside images.  Schwarz also occasionally adds iconic images to her work such as Hershey Kisses and Life Savers, hearkening back to the days of Pop Art.

Linda Schwarz is widely considered one of the most skilled printmakers today, and has delivered lectures in Boston, Saint Louis, Chicago, Minneapolis and Salzburg, Austria.

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