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Lowell Nesbitt was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1933. Nesbitt’s prints, paintings, and sculptures incorporate imagery from themes such as interiors, clothing, landscapes, architecture, technology, and animals. Although his early works are abstract, Nesbitt met artist Robert Indiana in 1962 who introduced him to the idea of incorporating figurative imagery into his work.

Some label Nesbitt as a Photorealist artist, although he did not approve of this classification. Similar to other members of the Photorealist movement, his compositions are highly-focused with barely visible brush strokes. The result is images that, although created by the artist’s hand, could be mistaken for photography.

Collections owning works by Nesbitt include the Baltimore Museum of American Art in Baltimore, Maryland; Dallas Museum of Fine Arts in Dallas, Texas; The High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia; Library of Congress in Washington, DC; Museum of Modern Art in New York, New York; National Art Gallery in Washington, DC; and the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC.

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