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Richard Lin (b.1933-d.2011) was a Taiwanese abstract artist inspired by Eastern philosophy. He was born in Taichug, Taiwan, and studied architecture at the Millfied School and Regent Street Polytechnic (now University of Westminister) in London.

Lin infused his geometric abstract works with the philosophies of Laozi and Zhuangzi, seeking to portray otherworldly lightness. He is most known for his White Series which uses whites of slightly varying shades to evoke the “leaving white” appearance of Chinese scholarly paintings. He is considered a rationalist and minimalist among the Taiwanese modernists of the post-World War II-era, most of whom focused more on portraying emotion.

Lin’s works can be found in public collections such as the Tate Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art, Rome, and the National Palace Museum in Taipei, among others.

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